増補版 密行 最後の伴天連シドッティAugmented version “The last missionary Sidotti”

2018年 敬文社


With the publication of translation in Italian and French, an expanded Japanese edition was published with the addition of a chapter on finding Sdotti’s remains!


Just 300 years after the burial, in the summer of 2014, the remains excavated from the site of a Christian mansion in Tokyo were confirmed by the National Museum of Nature and Science as belonging to the Italian missionary Sidotti, and a big surprise ran around the world. Sidotti arrived Edo from far away from Roma via Yakushima and Nagasaki and told Arai Hakuseki that “meeting the Roman is a rare encounter in a lifetime” and wrote Seiyo Kibun, Western matters. Sidotti died in a dungeon in the Chiritian mansion for baptizing an elderly couple who was taking care of his surroundings. His spectacular missionary life revives here after three centuries.

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